Sunday, May 9, 2010

A – Z: For My Children on Mother’s Day

A is for Awe, when they placed you on my chest
B is for Birth and for Bottles and Breasts
C is for Colic and Car Seats and Crawling
D is for Discipline, Diapers and Drawing
E is for Ear Infections, Lord knows we had those
F is for Father and a Family that grows
G is for Genetics and Giggles and Go
H is for Hugs and the Home we love so
I is Imagination and that darn Ice Cream truck
J is for Juice and Jelly and Junk
K is for Kindergarten, bringing tears to my eyes
L is for Listen and Little, White Lies
M is for Mom and Maternity Clothes
N is for Naps and your cute button Nose
O is for Ovaries, Outdoors and Obsessed
P is Potty Training, Pizza and Pets
Q is my voice saying Quickly! or Quiet!
R is Rashes and Reading and Riot
S is your Safety, which is what matters most
T is for Temper Tantrum, Timeout and Toast
U is Unruly and Ugly at times
V is Vaccinations (there are no other rhymes)
W is Whining and Water and Weather
X marks the spot where you bury the treasure
Y is for You, no matter your age
Z is for Zero things that I'd ever change
Just being your Mother, is an incredible gift
When my morale is down, you give it a lift
With a touch or a hug or the sound of your voice
I know that Motherhood was my greatest choice.
My marriage to your Daddy, made me a Wife
But when you were born…YOU gave ME life.

Cindy Schieffer is the devoted mom of two crazy, little boys and the lucky wife of a man who always makes her laugh. From their happy home in a tiny town nestled by the ocean, Cindy chronicles her adventures with LOL humor and beautiful honesty at Confessions of a Serial Swooper. As she says, “I really can’t complain … but I do a little anyway.” Check her out:


Lloyd said...

What a wonderful poem and I just loved looking at your family photos. God bless, Lloyd

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