Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh how the time flies....

 Tomorrow, my little man starts preschool.
I can't believe its almost been 3 years since I brought him home from the hospital.
3 years.
Since we had him named and blessed.
So much time has passed, so much has happened. Where has the time gone?
Im so proud to see him excited to go to school, make friends and become a little m ore independent. At the same time it is so sad. He will be going 5 days a week for 2 and a half hours. What will I do with myself? :)
Thankfully the weather is getting nicer. So lei and I will be spending quality time together at the park, or going for a nice long walk, enjoying the sites of down town. I think Lei will really enjoy having the one on one attention. She never really got much since she was the second child. So I think this will give her some time to really be doted on. Im sure she will enjoy it. We might try again later at getting her into day care. Im very torn about it. She screams as though she is in severe pain if I leave the room at the day care and not allow her to tag along. I worry that it will cause more problems than not. I would hate for her to feel like I have abandon her. I Like the fact that she is so attached to me. I love having her on my hip all the time, though I would love a break every once in a while, I have reservations about "strangers" raising my children. We have tried to instill certain values in our children, and I worry we may loose that to society.
I guess we will just see where this road takes us.
So here is to the 3 yrs that have passed, and to many more healthy, and fun years to come!
3 months
Almost 3 yrs


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