Thursday, May 6, 2010

And the hunt is on....

 I dont think I will ever trust anyone (other than family) with my kids.
Im on the hunt for a day care/preschool.
We stopped in unannounced at one of our options this morning.
The lady was irritated that I didnt call.
Then she announced to the room JJ would be in that there was a tour going on.
I thought the point of a drop in was to see them in action, as they would be during the day. It made me feel as though they were trying to hide something from me.
The building was run down, and the lady at the front desk was waaaaaayyyyy under dressed. My children do not need to be staring at clevage all day.
We are waiting on a call back from the day care that my neice Kaia goes to. When I picked her up my first impression was wonderful. The kids were happy, and the room was clean and the building was far from falling apart. The employees were happy and cheeful. It looked like an amazing place to drop your kiddos off. This day care also provides pre-school for children 3 and up. So we may choose this one. Its not nearby, but since i'm so picky, I don't have much of a choice.
My fingers are crossed, and im praying!


KaiaLeoni said...

I can only say good things of my experience as this daycare so far, and it's almost been a year now! I can't believe that!! This morning when I was leaving the cook, yes the cook lol, was commenting on how much she enjoys Kaia's company and hates it when she is not there lol. Often when I pick up Kaia people who work in other rooms will swap for awhile to get there baby fixes, later in the day when parents are coming, and I love that because Kaia knows who her next teacher will be and is familiar by the time she gets there instead of being with a strang person. Also, going back to the cook, I love this place has an actual kitchen that you can go look at and it's clean and they cook their food every day fresh. I can't imagine sending her anywhere they had a ton of processed foods, they also alow you to see the food schedule and calendar so you can tell them what you want your kid to eat or not. They are SUPER flexible with anything I have asked them so far, again I cannot say enough good things! Lol

KaiaLeoni said...

Yah for SWCC!!

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