Monday, August 1, 2011

Ahhhh.... sweet summer!

It has been a while since a good blogging occurred on here. We have been so busy! Hot Florida sun, white sandy beaches. Busch Gardens and roller coasters. The kids are loving the weather! They have grown so much since we have moved, and just keep growing! 

We have settled into our new ward. We really love it! As a friend said to e the other day, we were sent here for a reason. This ward is ment for us. When we walk it, its a feeling of completeness! They are warm. Smiley. Friendly and all around awesome! JJ loves his sunbeams class and is making friends! Lei suprised us by taking to nursery!! We are so happy!

J.J.. starts pre k the end of August. We are so excited for him to start and make lots of new friends!

My two beautiful babies!
JJs first sunflowers! So proud!

 I have taken up a small hobby....

 I love to take pictures!

 But I am very critical about them.
 I always want everything to be perfect....
Even though that's not how it works!
So I am ust posting a few here and there.