Monday, May 24, 2010

Relay For Life

 I have begun my fundraising for the Relay For Life.
I am teamed up with Vancouver Ford again this year, and we are going to have a great time. I always get excited and feel pumped when it comes to this every year. This year is dedicated to my Grandpa. He fought the battle 4 times, and finally passed in October of 2008. He was the strongest person I knew. He was not my biological Grandpa, but he was the only one I knew. I have the best memories of him. He would always sneek me the candy Grandma wouldn't let me have, took me out into the forest to find the owl in the tree. He was the perfect Grandfather.

My Grandpa, and JJ when he was Just born.

He is missed very much.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 17, 2010


 I am overprotective.
"Don't run around with a toothbrush in your mouth!"
"Please get off the table before you fall through the window!"
"Please don't chew on that fake grape, for the thousandth time, YOU WILL CHOKE!"
But I failed to protect my son last night.
I was folding laundry (while watching the season finale of Desperate housewives) JJ was in his room hanging out watching his night time show. I hear him start to scream. Now as a mother, there are different cries for different situations. This one I knew. This one makes your heart drop and the sweat break out across your forehead instantly. Your stomach collapses. No matter where you are or what your doing, you are able to be within reach before you blink.
When I reached his room, he was laying face down, a child safe fork in his right hand and his left hand cupping his left eye. My breath left me as I awaited the result. He moved his hand and I see the blood streaming down his face. I was relieved. He still had his eye. Phew! He had managed to fall on the fork and stab himself just between the cheek and his eye. I swooped I'm up and ran him to the chair in the living room. Setting him down, I pick up the phone and dial up my FIL. I'm panicked and telling him over and over that he has to come do something with my sleeping daughter, JJ had to go to the E.R. (thank goodness our house is just 3 miles from them!)

(yes, i grabbed the camera during all the chaos)

Once we get to the E.R. they get us registered and then proceeded to tell us that they are understaffed and it will be around 6 am before we get a room... 6 AM????? After having a nurse look him over we got the go ahead to go home and see our ped in the morning. Since it was a puncture wound, it had already sealed up and the bleeding had stopped.
The ped told us this morning (the morning my baby boy was supposed to go to preschool for the first time) That we were very lucky. 1/2 centimeter higher, and we could have lost an eye. We are truly blessed. Things could have been much worse! He checked it out and determined that he didn't need any antibiotics, but that a tetanus was. I was very torn about the tetanus, and chose to let him have that. (after a looooong discussion with the Dr on why we shouldn't vs why we should)

After the emergency room

So I just though i would update with this.
He is doing well and should heal with minimum scaring.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh how the time flies....

 Tomorrow, my little man starts preschool.
I can't believe its almost been 3 years since I brought him home from the hospital.
3 years.
Since we had him named and blessed.
So much time has passed, so much has happened. Where has the time gone?
Im so proud to see him excited to go to school, make friends and become a little m ore independent. At the same time it is so sad. He will be going 5 days a week for 2 and a half hours. What will I do with myself? :)
Thankfully the weather is getting nicer. So lei and I will be spending quality time together at the park, or going for a nice long walk, enjoying the sites of down town. I think Lei will really enjoy having the one on one attention. She never really got much since she was the second child. So I think this will give her some time to really be doted on. Im sure she will enjoy it. We might try again later at getting her into day care. Im very torn about it. She screams as though she is in severe pain if I leave the room at the day care and not allow her to tag along. I worry that it will cause more problems than not. I would hate for her to feel like I have abandon her. I Like the fact that she is so attached to me. I love having her on my hip all the time, though I would love a break every once in a while, I have reservations about "strangers" raising my children. We have tried to instill certain values in our children, and I worry we may loose that to society.
I guess we will just see where this road takes us.
So here is to the 3 yrs that have passed, and to many more healthy, and fun years to come!
3 months
Almost 3 yrs

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A – Z: For My Children on Mother’s Day

A is for Awe, when they placed you on my chest
B is for Birth and for Bottles and Breasts
C is for Colic and Car Seats and Crawling
D is for Discipline, Diapers and Drawing
E is for Ear Infections, Lord knows we had those
F is for Father and a Family that grows
G is for Genetics and Giggles and Go
H is for Hugs and the Home we love so
I is Imagination and that darn Ice Cream truck
J is for Juice and Jelly and Junk
K is for Kindergarten, bringing tears to my eyes
L is for Listen and Little, White Lies
M is for Mom and Maternity Clothes
N is for Naps and your cute button Nose
O is for Ovaries, Outdoors and Obsessed
P is Potty Training, Pizza and Pets
Q is my voice saying Quickly! or Quiet!
R is Rashes and Reading and Riot
S is your Safety, which is what matters most
T is for Temper Tantrum, Timeout and Toast
U is Unruly and Ugly at times
V is Vaccinations (there are no other rhymes)
W is Whining and Water and Weather
X marks the spot where you bury the treasure
Y is for You, no matter your age
Z is for Zero things that I'd ever change
Just being your Mother, is an incredible gift
When my morale is down, you give it a lift
With a touch or a hug or the sound of your voice
I know that Motherhood was my greatest choice.
My marriage to your Daddy, made me a Wife
But when you were born…YOU gave ME life.

Cindy Schieffer is the devoted mom of two crazy, little boys and the lucky wife of a man who always makes her laugh. From their happy home in a tiny town nestled by the ocean, Cindy chronicles her adventures with LOL humor and beautiful honesty at Confessions of a Serial Swooper. As she says, “I really can’t complain … but I do a little anyway.” Check her out:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

And the hunt is on....

 I dont think I will ever trust anyone (other than family) with my kids.
Im on the hunt for a day care/preschool.
We stopped in unannounced at one of our options this morning.
The lady was irritated that I didnt call.
Then she announced to the room JJ would be in that there was a tour going on.
I thought the point of a drop in was to see them in action, as they would be during the day. It made me feel as though they were trying to hide something from me.
The building was run down, and the lady at the front desk was waaaaaayyyyy under dressed. My children do not need to be staring at clevage all day.
We are waiting on a call back from the day care that my neice Kaia goes to. When I picked her up my first impression was wonderful. The kids were happy, and the room was clean and the building was far from falling apart. The employees were happy and cheeful. It looked like an amazing place to drop your kiddos off. This day care also provides pre-school for children 3 and up. So we may choose this one. Its not nearby, but since i'm so picky, I don't have much of a choice.
My fingers are crossed, and im praying!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

 Oh what fun I am having!
I have all these pictures and I really wanted to get creative with them. So after much asking around, I got a few programs that can do just that! So here are a few samples of what I have been up too.

These are just a few. Im having so much fun, that I found it hard to focus on the missionaries tonight. My mind kept wandering to what picture I could do what with. lol.

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