Friday, April 30, 2010


 I am always taking pictures of the kids at bath time. Im not sure why, but its fun. Lei is my water baby. She goes under the water and comes up giggling. JJ is the oposit, even rinsing his hair puts him in a panic....
I just figured I would post some pics of bath time.

He knows he is being silly.

He was blowing bubbles in the water.

My water baby splashing away!

She has a rubber ducky!

This picture cracked me up, Looking up at me like she was saying, "You think this is funny? Put the camera down and wipe this off my face!"

Here brother, Let me help ypu wash your hair!

Im not done!!!! Get back here!

I love bathtime!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


 So I was wrong.
I had punished JJ many times for taking down Leis clothes out of the closet.
It was really the only answer I could come up with, and it made sense! No way was lei able to do it. Right? WRONG!

Apparently she felt she needed to wear her church shoes...
I had no idea until I heard her whining in her room. The first thing I saw was her clothes on the floor, then I saw her, JJ no where in sight.
After retrieving my future Mt. Everest climber, I heard JJ playing in his room, engrossed in his cars. Too engrossed to have run in there pretending to have had nothing to do with the closet situation. (yes, he is that smart)

I'm guessing as the above picture shows, that she was irritated by her clothes restricting her movement and tore them down.
And yes, for those of you wondering, I had JJ bring me my camera. I would not have left her unattended on her dresser. (like she wouldn't have a soft landing with all the clothes on the floor?) I apologized to JJ. Told him that I was sorry for punishing him weeks earlier for something that Leidibug did. He told me, "No biggie!" lmbo... using my words!
We have had a problem with climbing now for a while. She will climb anything you have, my entertainment center, my baby gates, chairs, window sills, and her dresser. I am grateful we have not mastered the crib yet. Honestly she is not ready for the day bed.

On a lighter note, JJs drawing has taken a turn for the better! I was so proud to see him doing more than scribbling.

This is a table. you can see the 4 legs at the top and that circle on the bottom is Mommy's chair.
Makes my day!

This here is Gramma Karen. Notice she has legs a head and a body!
I'm so proud! I get so excited when he accomplishes new skills.
Way to go JJ!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless wednesday

Monday, April 26, 2010

JJ and the worm...

We spent yesterday at Papas.
It was sunny, warm and just an all around good day!
Hot mama uncovered a worm, and JJ was very excited! He ran up to it yelling, "yummy!". I know what your thinking, and no, I do not let nor encourage, my kids eat worms. 
Hot Mama placed the worm in his hands and he was smiling the way a little boy does when holding something slimey and wiggly.

He wiggled, and squirmed and slithered.
Then the unthinkable happened.
JJ tore him in half!
I acted very concerned and said to JJ, "Oh no! you tore him in half!"
JJ had a concerned look upon his face, then replied very confidently,
"Its ok mom, I can piece him back together!"
The innocence of a child amazes me.
I began to explain to him that the reason he was no longer moving was that he was now dead. I explained that when he ripped him in half, that he had killed him. To that he replied,
"He is not killed mommy!"
Then he took half of him and put it in a gopher hole,

And the other half beyond the tree line.

Poor worm, may he Rest In Pieces...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paper chain count down..

We are counting down the days till Jeffs mom, Aunty, And Grama fly up! We have counted 51 days, and to help count down, we have created a paper chain using JJs old colored in coloring books! Such a great idea!

JJ was very proud of our chain!

Such a good artist!

Leidibug helped the best way she knew how!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Anti Vacc....

 So I was in the store yesterday, minding my own buisness, reading an artical about Vaccines. A lady made a comment about the magazine, and I replied back to her that I was just interested in an artical about the vaccs. She replied, "oh, ar you 'one of those moms' who dont vaccinate?" I simply told her yes, and just as of recently. She looked like I had said I beat my kids on a regular basis and would like to give her a lesson on how to beat hers. She then proceeded to tell me howw horrible a decision i made. That any mother who loved her kids would vaccinate their child, and that those mothers who are not vaccinating need to have the kids removed for negligence.
I stood there...
Mouth open...
Had she just said what I thought she said?
Before I could respond, She huffed off with her (estimated) 9 month old child to another line.
I couldnt believe it still.
In front of my kids!
It started settling in, my hands started shaking, and i was thinking of what I could say to her. Never in all my days did I ever put down a mother for not vaccinating! I think everyone is entitled to their own parenting practices. I am very proud that I no longer vaccinate. I will gladly tell everyone walking down the street, "hey! I dont vaccinate my child, want to know why?" Its a lot like the gospel for me. You share what you believe, because you want them to see and believe too! You take any chance you get to share your info with another, so they to can be informed.
Well now Im starting to think differently. Or maybe this just happened to be an isolated case.
Whatever it was, it left me very upset. But not so upset that I couldnt enjoy the walk home with my beautiful son. Singing songs, picking dandylions, and just taking the time to enjoy the moment together. We weren't rushed, had nowhere to be, the sun was shining, and he was in a great mood. It was the best 45 minutes f my life... so far. I treasure those moments. Though they come few and far inbetween now that we are almost 3. So I take what I can get!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tag, your it!

My JJ. Just a month old.
He had to sleep in the swing next to my bed because I boke my ankle, and needed to be able to have access in the middle of the night.
Fun times!

So here is what you do:

1) go to the first folder in your pictures

2) Post the 10th pic in that folder

3) Tell the story behind it!

You read this, then you have been tagged!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Almost forgot....

                                   Need to post a pic of my two kids, in an impossible to catch moment.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Second hand shopping.

Thats my adiction, and i love it.
Sadly I have been critisized and put down for it. (not that i care what they think) I proudly shop a consignment store for my childrens clothes. I was asked just yesterday how i can dress my children in beautiful name brand clothing, but I cant afford to pay my phone bill. I proudly responded, "I shop at Denim and Frills". When asked what store this was i started to grin from ear to ear. I excitedly told them all aabout it, only to find this person almost scowling at me. (please note: i do not take lightly to people putting down another for shopping "second hand".) She remarked that she would never put her son in "used" clothing. I was offended. BIG TIME. For me and my husbands, brothers girlfriend, this is a big deal! we compare evrything we got and how the prices are. Its a regular conversation in our family. 
I looked at her and said, "I think people are crazy for spending full price on a pair of jeans that will either A) have a hole in the knee the first time worn, or B) The child will grow out of them within a month." Its crazyness! For the $30 she just spent on her 1 yr olds jeans, i just bought both of my kids 6 full outfits each! brand name! in amazing condition! So who looks crazy now?
One of our amazing finds!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Nothing ceses to amaze me! Lei is now afraid of bubblegum! BUBBLEGUM!! if i even appear to be trying to blow a bubble she goes into histerics. So of course i just taunted her. I found it extremely amusing!

We spent the day over at Jeffs dads huse. JJ finally got to ride his Raptor Power Wheels!
He was all over papas field!

Lei was feeling adventurous and headed out to do wht she did best....

We had a lot of fun. by the time we left the kids were over tired and ready for bed. it was nice to get out of the house and run the kids energy out!

Leilani and Kaias 1 year photo shoot....

My my my... this shoot was interesting.... the girls were just not having it. but they turned out incredible!!!!

Leidibug and Kaia

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What the heck, Right?

So i have decided to give this blogging thing a try. No promises, but I will try to update it often.

We are attempting to "potty teach" JJ. A friend made a great point that "training" is what you do with animals. it really is a teaching thing. JJ gets very excited to go in the potty, but it only lasts a couple days before it becomes a fight. Im the mother who doesn't make a fuss over accidents, and tries to remind him to go. Hoping that the relaxed enviroment helps. Within a couple days the "newness" wears off and he looses intrest. Lets see what happens now. He has a potty chart where he earns stickers for going in the potty and staying dry, but a 2 and a half yr old wants the stickers to stick on whatever, wherever. putting them on a chart is no fun!

So here we go, lets see what happens!