Friday, April 23, 2010

Anti Vacc....

 So I was in the store yesterday, minding my own buisness, reading an artical about Vaccines. A lady made a comment about the magazine, and I replied back to her that I was just interested in an artical about the vaccs. She replied, "oh, ar you 'one of those moms' who dont vaccinate?" I simply told her yes, and just as of recently. She looked like I had said I beat my kids on a regular basis and would like to give her a lesson on how to beat hers. She then proceeded to tell me howw horrible a decision i made. That any mother who loved her kids would vaccinate their child, and that those mothers who are not vaccinating need to have the kids removed for negligence.
I stood there...
Mouth open...
Had she just said what I thought she said?
Before I could respond, She huffed off with her (estimated) 9 month old child to another line.
I couldnt believe it still.
In front of my kids!
It started settling in, my hands started shaking, and i was thinking of what I could say to her. Never in all my days did I ever put down a mother for not vaccinating! I think everyone is entitled to their own parenting practices. I am very proud that I no longer vaccinate. I will gladly tell everyone walking down the street, "hey! I dont vaccinate my child, want to know why?" Its a lot like the gospel for me. You share what you believe, because you want them to see and believe too! You take any chance you get to share your info with another, so they to can be informed.
Well now Im starting to think differently. Or maybe this just happened to be an isolated case.
Whatever it was, it left me very upset. But not so upset that I couldnt enjoy the walk home with my beautiful son. Singing songs, picking dandylions, and just taking the time to enjoy the moment together. We weren't rushed, had nowhere to be, the sun was shining, and he was in a great mood. It was the best 45 minutes f my life... so far. I treasure those moments. Though they come few and far inbetween now that we are almost 3. So I take what I can get!


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