Thursday, April 29, 2010


 So I was wrong.
I had punished JJ many times for taking down Leis clothes out of the closet.
It was really the only answer I could come up with, and it made sense! No way was lei able to do it. Right? WRONG!

Apparently she felt she needed to wear her church shoes...
I had no idea until I heard her whining in her room. The first thing I saw was her clothes on the floor, then I saw her, JJ no where in sight.
After retrieving my future Mt. Everest climber, I heard JJ playing in his room, engrossed in his cars. Too engrossed to have run in there pretending to have had nothing to do with the closet situation. (yes, he is that smart)

I'm guessing as the above picture shows, that she was irritated by her clothes restricting her movement and tore them down.
And yes, for those of you wondering, I had JJ bring me my camera. I would not have left her unattended on her dresser. (like she wouldn't have a soft landing with all the clothes on the floor?) I apologized to JJ. Told him that I was sorry for punishing him weeks earlier for something that Leidibug did. He told me, "No biggie!" lmbo... using my words!
We have had a problem with climbing now for a while. She will climb anything you have, my entertainment center, my baby gates, chairs, window sills, and her dresser. I am grateful we have not mastered the crib yet. Honestly she is not ready for the day bed.

On a lighter note, JJs drawing has taken a turn for the better! I was so proud to see him doing more than scribbling.

This is a table. you can see the 4 legs at the top and that circle on the bottom is Mommy's chair.
Makes my day!

This here is Gramma Karen. Notice she has legs a head and a body!
I'm so proud! I get so excited when he accomplishes new skills.
Way to go JJ!


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