Thursday, April 15, 2010

Second hand shopping.

Thats my adiction, and i love it.
Sadly I have been critisized and put down for it. (not that i care what they think) I proudly shop a consignment store for my childrens clothes. I was asked just yesterday how i can dress my children in beautiful name brand clothing, but I cant afford to pay my phone bill. I proudly responded, "I shop at Denim and Frills". When asked what store this was i started to grin from ear to ear. I excitedly told them all aabout it, only to find this person almost scowling at me. (please note: i do not take lightly to people putting down another for shopping "second hand".) She remarked that she would never put her son in "used" clothing. I was offended. BIG TIME. For me and my husbands, brothers girlfriend, this is a big deal! we compare evrything we got and how the prices are. Its a regular conversation in our family. 
I looked at her and said, "I think people are crazy for spending full price on a pair of jeans that will either A) have a hole in the knee the first time worn, or B) The child will grow out of them within a month." Its crazyness! For the $30 she just spent on her 1 yr olds jeans, i just bought both of my kids 6 full outfits each! brand name! in amazing condition! So who looks crazy now?
One of our amazing finds!


Nicole said...

CRITICIZED for second hand shopping? THE NERVE!!

Linder Mommy said...

Exactly! I was blown away. this wasn't the first time. Im sure it wont be the last. My kids are dressed better than if i had to pay full price for brand new.

Lisa said...

LOVE DENIM!!!! *Sister-In-Law*

Linder Family said...

Im a walking billboard for denim, I should get credit for the people I send there! jk lol

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