Friday, July 9, 2010

Linder Family Reunion

Oh my! I have lost my place! What month is it? Since June 14th, things have been so busy. Jeff's mom, grandma and aunty flew up, then we had Jeff's cousin Josh's wedding and the Linder family reunion. So for today, I will just cover the wedding! And what a beautiful wedding it was!

It gave me a chance to get some AMAZING Pics of my babies!

Papa and JJ found a cherry tree with bright juicy cherries! And he looked so handsome in his church clothes! I love his formal clothes!

JJ was just slightly obsessed with the Bride. It was adorable! As she started to walk down the isle, he looked up and said "Is that the princess?" I was amazed! He melted my heart with that! The rest of the day he was always looking for her. He found a white rose at one point and completely un prompted, he took the rose to her. I was butter! My son is such a gentleman! I am so proud of him! In fact, on the way home he told us all that he wanted a princess to! I made sure he knew, that one day, he too will have a princess!

JJ made friends with one of the Flower Girls, he was sharing his snack with her.

 JJ and his Flower Girls!

 If my son knew I posted this.... He had some pretty awesome dance moves!

 JJ dancing away with the flower girl! He had such a good time!

Papa had a special dance with his Leidibug. I loved it! She too was a dancing cutie!

It was a great day! A great start to an amazing weekend!


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