Thursday, July 22, 2010

Relay for life 2010

This year was another emotional year. We walked for a cure, we walked for hope. We walked in honor, and in memory.
This year was a memorable one. Our team (Vancouver Ford/Mark Little) Raised  $14,027 Towards a cure. I am so proud to have been a part of that. We camped out for the entire night. First time we have done that since the kids were born. They did pretty good! I managed to stay up till about 4:30 am. Then I crashed out in the tent. Jeff woke up to man the drawing table. It was pretty cold when we arrived to help set up, but warmed up pretty quickly.

This picture breaks my heart and calls me to rejoice in the same. These are our Clark County, Wa survivors. Even the 3, beautiful children in front.

My wonderful husband manned the POP+CHIPS+SHIRT for $1 trailer!

Our top donations! Vancouver Ford came in 2nd this year!

 There were so many Luminaries. Too many...

 One reason we walk

The other reason we walk.

 Oh ye midnight snack of all nighters! So good it was!

 The next morning we drew names to see who won the 100% donated prizes!
 3 of them being big flat panel t.v.s by Best Buy!!!!

 JJ won The bowling party for 8 with 2 bowling balls to be carved to fit!
 It was another amazing year. I walked in honor/memory of my Grandfather. Almost 2 years ago he passed. Strongest person I know.


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