Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family and Good Times!

Its been a while since i posted. We had family fly up, and things got a bit hectic. Jeff's mom, Auntie, and Gram ma came up to visit from Hawaii. Jeff's mom had yet to meet her gran daughters till now. It was nice to see the kids interacting with her and getting in some special time. Its rare now a days when a Great Gram ma gets the chance to meet her Great Grand kids! We went to the Children's Museum, The Zoo, Shopping, and just on the go! I can only h handle so much stimulation before i get cranky and drained. We had a lot of fun though!
Lei and Kaia at the children's museum.
JJ at the zoo! He had such a great time. It rained a bit, but since it was cool out, all the animals were out! So we got some amazing pics of them!
To most this is just a dandelions. But for JJ this is the flower he picked for his Gramma! Its so sweet! She was telling me how Jeff would pick the same flowers for her!
JJ and Uncle Matt at the Zoo. JJ was all about Uncle Matt (my husbands baby brother) the entire time! It was borderline obsessive. lol. JJ would do anything Uncle Matt told him to do, and would go anywhere Uncle Matt went! After Matt went home JJ had some withdrawals. He cried for him for a couple nights. Then he started to understand that Matt would be back in a couple weeks for the family reunion.
Uncle Matt with JJ on the tractor!

Uncle Matt and JJ "measuring up to the different species of bears.

With this dinosaur comes a funny (now) story. There was a sign leading up to it that stated "WARNING spitting ahead" we thought it was just a silly sign... till we saw the dinosaur actually spit!! It spit off to the side just before I took this pic.  Naturally we thought we were safe. I had JJ in front of me in the stroller. Strapped in. No way to run. The dinosaur turned its massive ugly head and did the unexpected. Yup! That's Right! He spit on JJ! Poor kid was freaked! I was laughing at it, but JJ couldn't find the humor in it. We continued down the path to another set of dinosaurs. These too had the same warning. No worries this time! we knew to be on our guard. Too bad they failed to point out the dinosaurs hiding in the bushes that were going to spray us as we walked by.... REPEATEDLY! JJ had enough at that time. He was quivering  and on the verge of tears. Thankfully this wonderful guide noticed and asked if i would like to exit out a side door. She saved my sons dreams from being filled with massively ugly spitting dinosaurs, and saved me from having to share the bed with him! Poor guy repeated every time we walked into a new exhibit- "No dinosaurs mommy!". Now he finds it funny, but at the time...not so much!

So that's a quick run down of the past couple of weeks. Hope everyone else also had a great couple of weeks!


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That was so awesome to have them visit!

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