Friday, June 4, 2010

Thank you JJ, for reminding me.

Oh the joy of an almost 3 yr old. Im not being sarcastic either. I am being genuine. I am amazed at how much his little brain holds. The other day he climbs in the van and begins counting in spanish, out of nowhere! I was amazed and bewilderd. My amazing son is so smart, and is getting smarter everyday. Pre-school has opened new learning experiances to him. He has a best friend at school now too... "SHE likes to ride horses and say giddy up mom!" My heart melted! He likes her! I see the eagerness to play when I drop him off, and the sadness when he has to come home. He walks off the play ground, telling each friend "Goodbye! I will see you tomorrow!" they all call out back to him with goodbyes. My son has friends! I have never had more joy than I do now! To see how happy he is wit his friends, and how he is learning to have healthy relationships. He will take this with him his whole life. Using these experiances to shape his future. My son makes me so happy. I love you JJ. You have made me so proud!

First sushi! mmmm.... he likes eel!

We hung out at papa's today with Devons nanny and her 10 yr old son. I always take pleasure in how dirty my son gets. See, I belive that if your not dirty, you didnt have enough fun! He came back to me covered in mud, across his face, in his hair. Wet shoes, a hole in his jeans, and best of all, a huge smile and stories galore! He held a spider, found an obese snail that couldn't get in his shell, imaginary wolves and the neighbor. He told me he was "exploring"... I smiled and with bright eyes he told me all that he discovered! This is what parenting is all about! Seeing the excitement in his eyes, the amazement of what was out there. To him, the "forest" is a whole new world. It took me back to when I was a child, marching through my grandpas forest in the backyard. The deer, and the owl. The hazelnut tree, and the stinging nettle. I remember the amazment I felt when I would go "exploring".  Im so greatful that my son can experiance this too. He has helped me get my childhood back a little. I guess children are gods little reminder to all of us who may have forgotten how incredibly amazing the smallest things can be. Thank you son, for reminding me.


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